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Connecting People…Creating Friendships!

The Southwest Michigan Newcomers Club (SMNC) has been welcoming newcomers and helping them make friends for over 50 years! SMNC is a non-profit organization open to all new to the Southwest Michigan area, or people whose life circumstances have changed (i.e.retirement, empty nest, etc) or current residents who are interested in welcoming Newcomers. Our members volunteer their time and energy to arrange a wide variety of activities, special events, and great opportunities to make friends while becoming familiar with Michigan’s great Southwest.  A sample of club activities include

  • golf, kayaking and canoeing, hiking
  • visits to local restaurants for breakfast and lunch
  • card groups
  • book club
  • wine tasting
  • soup kitchen volunteer
  • cultural excursions,
  • a weekly happy hour at a local restaurant
  • pop-up activity when a member has a new idea.

 Please see the Activity link above to see a short explanation of each activity.

The members of Newcomers have lots of fun and it is easy to join. Just click the Membership link above or the Big JOIN NOW button below and follow the directions. Soon you will be a member and be joining in the fun. Oh, all members get a monthly newsletter to help them keep track of club happenings.


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